Why Telth for improving health care and wellbeing industry

Pandemic and beyond post several challenges plague the health care industry today. It is time to change how we health care & wellbeing products and service are delivered. There is a need for new technology and treatment protocols that integrate the most advanced technologies in the medical field and, delivered through an easy-to-use secure interface. It is an all- inclusive service and free to use technology that is readily available for deployment, even in the remotest part of the world.

Introducing, Telth a next-generation root cloud-based hybrid private blockchain that works with the most advanced P3DC protocols to deliver accurate, unified advanced product and service with improved evidence-based protocols throughout the world . A new star born to deliver this advanced technology for in-person, telehealth, and remote monitoring care. With our technology, we ensure the treatment outcome will be precise, cost-effective, person-centric care with service-driven revenue boosters to secure care seekers and care providers interests. Telth ecosystem comes with greater interoperability and scalability.

  • A private, hybrid blockchain solution incorporates big data and AI to facilitate Precise Data-Driven Digital Care (P3DC) protocols to change healthcare delivery. This P3DC platform with an online marketplace will enable collaborative team building and provide us with numerous solutions. ”Solving major healthcare industry problems such as service integration, service quality, Internet-connected medical device security, and publicly sustainable pharmaceutical pricing ”. The primary objective is to offer Patient/person-centric care with service-driven revenue for care providers.
  • Service Integration: Big data is the future of data-driven care, P3DC protocols are used to integrate the service at a secured platform and further use the collected data to provide life enhancement solutions through an effective ecosystem with Global Medical ID (G Med ID). Collection of these ID’S will form My Telth EMR /EHR.
  • Service quality: Current evidence-based medicine EBP requires positive attitudes, knowledge, and skills related to research. However, bringing these into practice needs tremendous amounts of resources and time. Henceforth, the incorporation of data with the help of AI can solve these issues.
  • Security and quality of IoMT Devices: At Telth, we resolve this with innovative devices like wearables, mobile Health Examination systems, and biochips. Our mission is to replace robust old, functioned Diagnostic facilities with Biochip Hubs in every hospital to help them make precise clinical decisions.
  • Marketplaces with online pharmacies will get the medicines directly from the factories to consumers with sustainable pharmaceutical pricing.
  • Innovations in the medical industry are developing rapidly, but the lack of tools for mass adoption is a problem. At Telth we are going to provide a cost-effective delivery system even to the remote part of the world.